Article Submission Websites 2021 || Top Free Do-Follow List

Article submission is one of the unique and efficient ways to make a website more popular among our readers and followers through different search engines. It is a fact that the internet has made more impact from micro to macro level at the world. The old traditional ways of living and doing things are vanished due to the internet. These modern strategies are the part of digital marketing getting popular day by day. It is important to understand some basic terms related to this strategy to make things crystal clear. An article is a combination of well-structured and unique content explaining any topic like the pros and cons of any product etc. The main motive is to introduce your product or to provide awareness regarding any product with complete details. Article submission in SEO offers two types of links referred to as no-follow and do-follow. Do follow article websites allow search engines to follow an extra link to recognize like it recognizes the site where you are getting backlinks. This technique is very helpful to improve the visibility of your sites and blogs in different search engines. You can grab and attract more traffic through this technique to your website. Some popular websites are mentioned below where you can find this facility.

1- Medium


Medium is one of the top websites where you can find the do-follow option easily. Medium is very popular due to heavy traffic and the high rate of DA. There are thousands of registered members posting their articles on daily basis on this website. Members can post a link they want and this makes it the best website for their readers. The numbers of readers and writers are enough to show the strength of this website.

2- GitHub


GitHub is also one of the websites to provide the do-follow link option. This is also famous as an open-source community website to provide internet-related services. Millions of users are registered and you can find whatever you want from here.

3- Surfer Directory

surferDirectory – Article Submission Website

Surfer Directory is a great addition to the world of websites to provide the do-follow option. This website has revolutionized the complete idea of article submission. You can find thousands of options here regarding different services in the market and find the best options for you. Surfer directory is more friendly than many other websites and has different techniques. You can reach thousands of customers through the gateway of the internet.

4- HubPages


HubPages is also included in the list of websites with a database of thousands of writers and millions of readers. The number of visitors on a website is the real value and this website has the best market value without any debate. It is true that HubPages took some years to gain this trust but now this is matchless. This website is also considered an authority in this niche and famous due to its revenue-sharing strategy.

5- Play Buzz


Play buzz holds a unique place in different content publishing websites. This platform provides the opportunity to get the answers through different polls solved by users. This different strategy makes this website more trusted among the users. These polls are also used by different institutions for different purposes like researches on different topics. Millions of users can find what they want by just typing some tricky words and results are always amazing.

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