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What’s the best garage door repair money can buy? Simple. The one you can trust to do the job dependably and reliably. Talk to your neighbours, community, friends, and coworkers.

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What has been their experience with garage door repair? Who do they trust? Once you’ve found a reliable company to deliver quality garage door care, you tend to want to share that information. It’s as valuable as gold. Having a smooth running door is important to both the security of your home and the safety of your family. Here’s a quick checklist to see if your garage door service company is one of the best: 

1) Do they guarantee all their work? 

2) Are they certified? 

3) Do they have an address? 

4) Does their website look professional? 

5) Do they offer 24 hour/7 days a week emergency service? 

6) Have they been a pillar of the community for years?

What do your neighbours/friends/family/coworkers think of them? 

Garage doors are very important in making the house safe and secure even when leaving town. Many people have no idea how to repair one, and in some instances, expert help may be required. That is why people have established a lot of businesses specializing in garage door repair services. One should think deeply before choosing the right company to install a new door, change it or just fix it.

We’re all about the DIY movement. If you can do a garage door repair yourself safely and effectively, why not? But there’s no shame in admitting when a repair is over your head or beyond your skill level. There’s an art indeed an important survival skill in knowing when to call a professional garage door service. Some repairs are too dangerous and some downright difficult. You could end up hurting yourself or your family or cause expensive damage to your door.

Here are some facts to consider:

  1. About 1,600 injuries every year caused by DIY garage door repairs went the wrong end up the emergency room.
  2. Over 2,000 people are injured every year by falling garage doors (usually by busted springs, which hold up the door).
  3. At least 36 children have been crushed by garage doors since 1982.

Broken Springs

Many of those injuries we noted are the result of broken springs or a novice homeowner attempting to fix springs themselves. Keep in mind that your garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. It’s a breeze to raise because of the springs. Your springs are under an incredible amount of tension. If they should suddenly snap say when you’re trying to repair or replace them they release with such violent force that they can cause serious injuries. Always hire a professional garage door repair service for anything spring-related.

Most garage door problems have to do with the broken springs. They lose their strength and can either begin to fail or just break. With a broken spring, you will have problems opening and closing the door. Changing a spring may sound simple but it is better and safer to hire a professional to do this job. Garage door springs are some of the most critical parts of your garage door they do all the heavy lifting. Your average garage door weighs several hundred pounds. Why is it so easy to raise? The motor in most garage door openers is no more than 2 hp. And when the door is disconnected from the opener, your 10-year-old daughter can lift it with ease. The reason is the garage door springs a suspension mechanism of engineered physics that makes lifting your overhead garage door feel as light as a feather. The way that the suspension system works is as a counterbalance system. The garage door springs provide an assisting force to make lifting easy. 2 types of springs do this, depending on the style of door:

  1. Extension Springs 
  2. Torsion Springs. 

Here’s how they work.

Torsion spring-loaded doors are the most common. Usually, your torsion springs are mounted above the door opening. When you lower the door, the cables at the bottom corners of the door wind the springs up, creating stored energy that will later be used to raise the door. As the door lifts back up, the springs unwind. But a spring only has so many cycles in it usually between 10,000 to 15,000. Eventually, the spring will become too weak and stretched to work effectively and will need to be replaced.

Extension springs are attached to cables that connect to the bottom corners of the door. The springs stretch as the door is closed, storing energy in the extended springs as the door lifts.

Has it become difficult to raise and lower your garage door? Do the springs on your garage door make horrible noise? Do you notice visible damage or are they broken?

You need new springs. The first thing to understand is garage door spring repair is not a DIY job. It’s a dangerous repair best left to a professional.

You should visually inspect the springs from time to time. Look for rust, broken or brittle springs. If you notice any damage, don’t repair the garage door spring itself. Call a professional garage door repair company.

If your springs break, do not disconnect the automatic opener. Otherwise, your door could come crashing to the ground with the full capacity of its weight. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if children, pets, or equipment are underneath.

These springs are under an incredible amount of tension. It is that tension that makes raising and lowering a heavy door feels so easy. Never work with the springs yourself. If these springs should break, they can cause serious bodily injury and a trip to the emergency room. 

Are you considering replacing your garage door? There are several advantages to a new door not the least of which is the improved value it gives your home. A new garage door has one of the highest returns on investment of all home improvements 97%, virtually dollar for dollar. Curb appeal is the most marketable feature of your home. The more attractive your house looks from the street, the better it will do on the market. Not only will it be easier to sell, but you’ll be able to sell it for a lot more money especially considering the lucrative real estate market in Roseville California. A new door has a solid return on investment that can be measured in actual dollars.

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