Fix Hold and Flip: Local Construction Company

Accidents are inevitable. Most of the time, we can’t even predict them, but they affect our lives, destroy our homes in the form of water and storm hurricanes. Still, life has to go on even if we see our house is torn apart in front of our eyes, and we have to take some crucial decisions on time. Of course, one of the most critical decisions is to hire someone to start repairing your house. Still, in most cases, in those situations, we can’t afford the cost of the reconstruction of our house but finding a good and trustable contractor for the insurance claim that can cover the costs of the construction is also very hard. isn’t it?

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Well, not now, especially if you happen to live in Dallas, Texas because in today’s article, we are going to introduce you to a local Dallas, texas construction company that has held the customer’s trust for more than 17 years. We have interviewed several homeowners who had hired this company in the past. They all agreed on one thing:  Fix Hold and Flip Construction Company is the symbol of trustworthiness and quality services when it comes to insurance claims.

Fix Hold and Flip is amongst the very few companies in Dallas, Texas, that do not demand a single cent before the construction. In the interview, Gabriel Antillon, the business owner and founder of Fix Hold and Flip, told us that he funds his company on its own, and customers don’t need to pay anything before they get the complete work done.

In addition, we don’t ask for any money for materials or equipment from the customers as our company’s vision is 100% Satisfaction Gabriel also added. 

Fix hold, and Flip has been serving the homeowners of Dallas, Texas, with the best and most reliable construction services for more than 17 years. In those 17 years, they have completed hundreds of projects and earned the trust of several customers. That’s why they got featured several times on local and international business websites, including big names like BusinessInsider, Yahoo Finance, and daily journal.

Gabriel also told us that he believes in complete transparency and professional work. That’s why before starting any project, his team explains all details related to the project and insurance process to the customer, and only after their approval and acceptance we start working on the project. For us, the most important thing is the client’s satisfaction as that’s our bread and butter, so we always go above and beyond to satisfy our customers with our work Gabrial Told us.

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